Grey Oyster

Pleurotus Ostreatus - One of the most commonly consumed gourmet mushrooms globally, the grey oyster mushroom has a wide range of culinary uses and has seen its popularity spike in recent years as more and more people take to vegan and vegetable forward diets. It is grown commercially all over the world using a variety of substrates but in the wild it is found growing on dying and fallen trees in forests across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Tasting notes: Light earthy flavour. Savoury with hints of fennel. Excellent paired with fats and fresh herbs.

Lion's Mane

Hericium Erinaceus - Lions Mane, so named for its dangling spines, is often also referred to as pom pom or the bearded tooth mushroom. Native to North America, Europe and Asia, Lions Mane mushrooms grow wild on both dead and living trees but are sadly endangered in the UK and are illegal to forage from the wild. Luckily it is gaining popularity across the country as a cultivar for both culinary and medicinal uses. Various studies have claimed that Lions Mane mushrooms have wide ranging health benefits and it is often sold as a supplement meant to encourage cognitive health. Whilst we make no claims about that, we do know it is delicious. The unique texture provided by its light spongy flesh and delicate spines make it without a doubt our favourite mushroom to experiment with.

Tasting Notes: Fresh, subtle and faintly sweet with undertone of citrus.  A brilliant vegan fake for crabmeat when shredded.

Speckled Chestnut

Pholiota Adiposa - Speckled chestnut mushrooms are becoming more and more popular with cultivators around the world. These mushrooms are purported to have medicinal qualities as well as culinary. Unlike their cousins Pholiota Nameko which have a slimy cap and a corresponding texture when cooked, Speckled chestnuts lose their speckles but hold on to their firm texture. Their firmness makes them a great mushroom for flash frying and adding variety to mixed mushroom dishes that need a bit of body.

Tasting Notes: Faintly earthy, light and with a wonderful bite. Great addition to a risotto or soup, pairs well with stronger mushroom flavours and umami.
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